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TMAU Body Odor Disease

More and more people are becoming aware of a debilitating body odor disease known as TMAU – trimethylaminuria also known as fish odor syndrome or fish malodor syndrome.

TMAU is a rare metabolic disorder that affects men, women and children, from newborns to seniors, all races and ethnicities, in most countries around the world. The presence of volatile trimethyl-amine (TMA) in sweat is the critical determinant, because it creates a pungent odor that emanates from the skin and surrounds the patient in an unpleasant aura.


Hygiene is Not the Problem

Although TMAU sufferers show no apparent lack of hygiene or obvious medical symptoms, most people with the disorder report having foul body odors, bad breath, or a bad taste in their mouths. Studies in the last few years have shown that trimethylaminuria results from defects in an enzyme that breaks down trimethylamine, a byproduct of protein digestion released by bacteria living in the gut. This small molecule—the compound that gives fish their fishy odor—smells foul or like waste/refuse at low concentrations and fishy and even ammonia-like in larger amounts.


Most of us avoid having a socially unacceptable body odor by taking showers regularly and using deodorants, perfumes, or colognes. However, for people with TMAU or fish odor syndrome, none of these is enough. People with the disorder can release trimethylamine through breath, sweat, and urine. Some have a strong body odor all the time. Others experience a less severe smell that fluctuates over time.


PureAyre is Part of TMAU Maintenance Program

There is no cure for fish odor syndrome but many develop a TMAU maintenance program to help manage TMAU. Diet, supplements, hygiene and hormonal control can all be part of the maintenance system. Now, with PureAyre® Odor Eliminator as part of a maintenance regimen, TMAU sufferers need not rely on unsafe air and fabric fresheners and cleaners or overuse of perfumes. PureAyre eliminates TMAU odors without adding smells. It does not mask odors but actually eliminates the trimethylamine compounds.


PureAyre has been shown to be a valuable part of a TMAU maintenance program as trialed by members of the Trimethylaminuria Foundation. PureAyre’s unique, powerful, and food-grade safe enzymes immediately convert TMA into innocuous and odor free compounds. Although PureAyre is not a cure for TMAU, it can be part of a successful TMAU maintenance regimen in the following ways:


  1. Use PureAyre to remove malodors from the air in the home, office, classrooms, and the workplace. Just spray directly into the air as high as possible. PureAyre does not mask TMA with a strong perfume like some other products. You can use PureAyre as often as needed because it is food grade safe.
  2. Use PureAyre on clothes, curtains, car seats, and any fabrics that you want to remove odors. PureAyre will not stain or damage fabrics.
  3. Pour one or more cups of PureAyre into your laundry to remove TMA from your clothing.
  4. Spray PureAyre directly onto body, clothes, and hair to remove TMA throughout the day.
  5. Spray or fog PureAyre into the home or office HVAC intake vent (while the fan is running but the heat is off) to flush out and remove odors from the house or office air in large volume.
  6. Use PureAyre in your car to remove odors in the air, on fabrics, carpeting,vent system, headliner, etc.

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