The All Natural Odor Eliminator Spray

Compare Effectiveness of Odor Eliminators


See how well popular odor eliminators (PureAyre, electric air cleaners, Ozium, Ozone, Lysol, Oust, Citrus and candles) eliminate pet, urine, bathroom, cooking, cigarette, cigar and other smoke odors from air, fabrics, carpets and other surfaces. Check out the safety ratings, too. Many products are not safe to use near food, pets and children.

Odor eliminator comparison chart includes, Lysol, Oust, Citrus, Ozium, Ozone, candles, air cleaners and PureAyre. Compare removal of urine, pet, bathroom, cooking, cigarette, cigar, smoke and other odors from air, fabrics and carpets. See which are non-toxic.


PureAyre odor eliminator spray
is the safest, most effective odor eliminator spray available.


Learn more about PureAyre products for your home, for baby-related odors, for dog odors, pet odors, and marine odors.



(2) Air cleaners with HEPA filters and carbon filters work well to filter particles, allergens, and some odors from the air over time.

(3) Ozium is a highly flammable and smelly product that works on a very narrow band of odor-causing compounds.

(4) Ozone is oxygen with an extra oxygen atom. It is a powerful oxidation chemical. Although it has some odor eliminating qualities, it is unsafe even at very low levels. Not recommended.

(5) Air fresheners and "air sanitizers" that kill bacteria are not a recommended method for eliminating odors. They contain synthetic fragrances as masking agents because the products do not eliminate odors. Killing bacteria is not the way to solve odor problems.

(6) The ambiance of a candle now and then can smell nice, but use candles sparingly because they add particulate and synthetic chemical pollution to your home. After using a candle, clean the air of pollutants with PureAyre.

(7) PureAyre is made of food-safe components and is rated food-grade. It can’t harm people, pets or the planet.

(8) These are all consumer products that haven’t been rated harmful by some consumer agencies, yet they may contain synthetic fragrances and chemicals that can be dangerous in a home environment, even though they appear safe.

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