The All Natural Odor Eliminator Spray

It’s Strong

Use Nature’s Most Powerful Odor Eliminator!

After trying all the other odor eliminators out there, you’ve probably decided none will work as promised, at least without exposing you to dangerous fumes or substances. Well, we’re here to prove otherwise.

PureAyre is both strong and safe because it’s made from natural ingredients. And it’s the natural ingredients that make it such a powerful odor eliminator. Advanced biotechnology has made it possible to bring together just the right plant-derived enzymes in just the right combination to specifically target and break down all five groups of odor-causing compounds found in nature. As a result, PureAyre permanently eliminates odors, even persistent odors like cat urine and cigarette smoke.


PureAyre is effective because it is designed to eliminate all organic odors and some inorganic odors. It’s fast because it works immediately on contact with odor-causing compounds. And it’s permanent because it totally eliminates odors by breaking the molecular bonds of those odor-causing compounds.


The best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of PureAyre is to compare it to your alternatives…


Other Odor Eliminators

Many odor eliminators use an old bacteria-based technology to create the enzymes. While in the bottle, the enzymes are starved, so when the product is used, they attack the molecules in order to “eat.” However, like people, they stop eating once fed and therefore stop working.



Air, fabric and carpet "fresheners" are made from synthetic fragrances that just mask odors. Once that fragrance is gone, you still smell the odor.


Ozone Generators and Air Filters

Ozone generators remove odors from the air, but do nothing for surfaces, which is where many odors originate. HEPA air filters and purifiers remove particles from the air but can’t eliminate the source of the odors.


Other Products On Your Store Shelf

Air fresheners, air filters, bacteria-based odor eliminators, and ozone generators are not intended for all-purpose use. None are as effective, as powerful or as natural as PureAyre. PureAyre works immediately to knock out odors by destroying the source of the odors.


For more on the effectiveness of PureAyre, read about how it works or see the comparison chart. You can also check out the following case studies for real-life stories about PureAyre eliminating odors in remarkable places and ways:



This is the best product on the market for odor removal. One hundred times better than those you can buy in the pet stores, supermarkets, and hardware stores.
––D.S., Fresno, CA

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