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PureAyre is the Safe Odor Eliminator For All Animals

If you’ve got more than just pets, then you’ve got more than just the usual pet odors. You need powerful stuff to eliminate those odors. On the other hand, you’re dealing with animals and whatever you use must be safe. Do you know just how safe or how effective your odor eliminator is?

Get PureAyre. It’s safe enough to use around all animals, and strong enough to eliminate odors for:

  • Groomers
  • Kennels
  • Cat and dog shows
  • Vet clinics
  • Animal shelters

PureAyre is your best choice for pet odors and pets who’ve been skunked because it is the only odor eliminator that is truly all natural. As a result, it can be sprayed into the air and cages, and directly onto pets and bedding.


Although other products claim to be safe and natural, you should read the label. Nature’s Miracle, for example, contains alcohol, yet the label says it’s non-toxic around children and pets. The spray version even says to spray it directly on the animal. Ouch!


Products like Nature’s Miracle are also costlier and messier in the long run. Because you have to saturate a pet urine spot in order for Nature’s Miracle to work, you both buy more and wait up to two weeks for an area to dry. Then, if it didn’t work, you have to start all over again. And don’t try spraying Nature’s Miracle in the air to deodorize your rooms! It won’t work.


The Effective Odor Eliminator

Compare that to PureAyre. It does not contain alcohol, so you can spray it directly onto animals without stinging. It also contains no citrus so it’s not greasy, acidic or corrosive. It works instantly on contact with the odor so you use less and you have a much shorter drying time: minutes or hours as opposed to weeks. In fact, we discourage you from soaking an area with PureAyre because it’s just not necessary and saturating makes a urine spot larger.


PureAyre is comprised of just enzymes, purified water and essential oils. It doesn’t contain bacteria, citrus or alcohol. No matter how sensitive the animal, you can safely use PureAyre to eliminate odors around birds, hamsters, cats, dogs…even sugar gliders.

If you’re convinced PureAyre is safe, but you doubt its power, read our amazing tale about eliminating over 30 years of old pet urine from a 56-year old building with no ventilation!


Our animal clinic treats dogs with Parvo disease. Dogs with this disease have a terrible smell… Within minutes of spraying PureAyre, the smell was gone.
––D.S., Fresno , CA

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