The All Natural Odor Eliminator Spray

Health Care

Safely Eliminate Odors in Health and Elder Care Facilities

Think of a nursing home or hospital, and you’re likely to think of unpleasant odors. Yet health care doesn’t have to stink.

PureAyre is both so powerful and so natural that it can get rid of odors even in situations where health and safety are primary concerns. PureAyre is so safe that in Washington state adult family homes, it is by law the only household cleaning product that doesn’t have to be locked up – it’s even safer than the bar of soap in the bathroom!


Use PureAyre to Eliminate Odors In:

  • Clinics
  • Group homes
  • Elder care facilities
  • Family homes with bed-ridden elderly
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes


A More Pleasing Environment

As people age, odors increase, but they don’t have to be tolerated. Odors are also a problem with certain patients whose ailments aren’t age-related, but still cause unpleasant smells, including TMAU body odor disease. PureAyre can safely eliminate all the odors associated with elder and health care. Because PureAyre is food-grade, it can even be sprayed directly onto skin for eliminating odors from waste and vomit, bringing relief to your staff and to your patients.


You can also make a better impression by eliminating odors. Visiting family members will make assumptions about the quality and cleanliness of your nursing home based in part on how it smells. And odors that annoy staff members might even turn away potential patients or people looking for a nursing home. Your facility should smell as clean as it looks. Keep it smelling clean and odor-free with PureAyre.


PureAyre is the ideal odor eliminator for use in health and elder care because it’s safe, cost-effective, versatile and strong.


  • Safe: PureAyre is comprised of all natural ingredients, just plant-derived enzymes, purified water and essential oils. It’s so safe, you can spray it directly onto skin.
  • Cost-effective: Because PureAyre works instantly on contact with an odor source, you use less product to eliminate an odor.
  • Versatile: Use PureAyre in the laundry to eliminate odors from bedding and clothes. You can also mop with it, and use it in a carpet cleaner.
  • Strong: The hundreds of plant enzymes in PureAyre are specifically targeted to break the molecular bonds of odor-causing compounds. As a result, PureAyre eliminates even the toughest odors, like urine.

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