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Skunk Case Study

Small Home Office Skunked

Small business owner Sharon Long of We Know Words ( works from a beautifully decorated small office on her property in Kent, Washington. Recently it was skunked by a local resident critter making a home in the crawl space. "Yuk! It really smells bad in here," said her office assistant, "and my eyes are getting a burning feeling."


Ms Long, who is already familiar with PureAyre’s ability to remove cat and other animal smells asked Clean Earth, Inc. for help. A technician was dispatched to Ms Long’s office. The office is a small backyard "apartment" of about 680 square feet. It includes a kitchen, bathroom, two offices, and a central living room. Painted in garish "corporate" colors it is very cute. But, on this day, the strong skunk odor was prevalent and intense.


PureAyre NZ™ technology contains special enzyme groups that specifically attack the sulfur compounds that make up skunk odor. PureAyre actually breaks apart these odors into innocuous non-smelling compounds. To work, PureAyre must come into direct contact with the odors.

Finding the Source of the Problem

It is always important to find the source of the problem in order to correctly treat an odor problem. The technician searched the grounds and the crawl space and found the critter access point. This was pointed out to Ms Long for future attention. It became obvious that the strong odor was coming from beneath the building through the many ventilation screens spaced evenly around the crawl space. The odors were then getting easy entrance to the interior office space through the intake of the room air conditioner which was located just above two vent windows.

Clean Earth technicians have had to crawl underneath commercial building crawl spaces but in this case, because of the small building footprint, access was made possible to the skunk odors directly through the ventilation screens. Using the fogger available on the PureAyre web site only one half gallon of PureAyre was needed to fog the crawl space and eliminate the skunk odor. About one minute of fogging into each vent window was enough to eliminate the odor. Fogging the air surrounding the office was done to ensure against stray odors getting into the air conditioning intake. Another 20 oz or so was fogged directly into the office space. Clean Earth left a spray bottle of PureAyre to spray into the office if needed to eliminate any residual odors.


A Breath of Pure Air

We Know Words is occupying their cute office space once again. The corporate colors, however, are still a bit glaring, but the air smells better – only a slight hint of pet cat. Clean Earth checked the sight one day later to ensure the odors were gone completely. The technician suggested that Ms. Long use PureAyre on the cat!


No need to worry about the skunk or other critters. PureAyre is food-grade safe and natural. This means that it cannot harm people, pets, the planet, or even skunks. In fact, if it is accidentally ingested, PureAyre enzymes might help improve digestion but there is nothing in the formula that can harm living tissue. Check the ingredients!

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