The All Natural Odor Eliminator Spray


Carl Dirks works for a 30-year-old nonprofit foundation that introduces inner cities kids to marine studies. The foundation is a national program, sponsoring thousands of kids each year. To raise money so it can offer the program to disadvantaged youth at no charge, the foundation sells donated boats.


The foundation only accepts boats in good condition, because it doesn’t have the funds to fix up a boat for selling. Every once in a while, however, a boat in good condition can have an odor problem that no amount of cleaning will fix, and the only way to sell that boat is to reduce the price thousands of dollars. That means reduced funds for the foundation’s important programs.


One such boat was in good condition except for very strong odors. The boat was a 1990 31′ Wellcraft Excel party boat, and it smelled like one. It reeked of beer, urine, vomit, rotten food, mold and mildew, along with typical boat odors like head odors and gasoline. It was offensive and repulsive, says Dirks.


A potential customer was coming from Canada to see the boat. The foundation staff had assumed their maintenance crew would be able to get rid of the smells with a thorough cleaning and detailing. Yet after two weeks of such scrubbing, the odor had only decreased, but was still there. Airing and cleaning just weren’t doing the trick.


Based on success with another boat with odor problems, Dirks decided to try PureAyre. PureAyre is a powerful plant-based odor eliminator manufactured by Clean Earth Inc.


With just a 22-ounce bottle of PureAyre, Dirks fogged every surface including the walls and furniture. He also hand sprayed the cushions and upholstery, and the crevices and corners the fogger couldn’t reach. As the sources of some of the odors, the mildew and food had to be removed, but then PureAyre was able to get rid of all the lingering smell. The odors were gone within two hours.


“I was quite amazed,” says Dirks. “I thought I had no chance to clean it up, but just thought I’d try.” After Dirks had eliminated the odors, an associate walked aboard the boat and asked in amazement, “What did you do, Carl?”


The staff sold the boat the very next day to the Canadian customer. If Dirks hadn’t been able to get rid of the offensive odors, the boat could have sat on the market longer, or the foundation would have had to severely discount the price. With PureAyre, the foundation raised the maximum amount of money on the sale of the boat for its programs.

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