The All Natural Odor Eliminator Spray

Commercial Use

PureAyre Eliminates Industrial and Specialized Odors

Unfortunately, bad smells don’t just happen at home. Odors can be a problem in the workplace, too. If you work in an industry with pervasive odors, you owe it to yourself and your staff to invest in cleaner air.

PureAyre makes business sense because it’s cost-effective, powerful and safe.


Cost-effective: PureAyre is a cost-effective odor eliminator because it works right away with just one application. PureAyre is also available in larger quantities for industrial and commercial use.


Powerful: PureAyre literally breaks down the molecular compounds that cause odors. It’s powerful enough to handle persistent odors like diesel fuel, smoke, skunk, and odors left behind by sufferers of TMAU (body odor disease). In fact, PureAyre is so powerful, it’s the most effective way to get rid of the persistent smell of cigarette smoke, guaranteed. People even use PureAyre to convert hotel smoking rooms into non-smoking rooms! PureAyre helped get a construction project back on track after months of delay when offensively smelly contaminants were uncovered.


Safe: Because it’s all natural, PureAyre is safe enough to use on and around people, elder care or law enforcement, you can use PureAyre.


To tackle odors in your workplace, we formulate and package PureAyre for the specific needs of:



Do you have an industry or situation not listed here? Chances are that PureAyre can help, so contact us with any questions about your particular odor problem.


It’s the best product on the market for removing odors such as cat and dog urine, chemical residue, smoke and all organic odors.
––B.A., President of Clean-Tec, an odor removal, fire and water damage restoration service based in Santa Cruz, CA

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