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Eliminate Odors from Your Hotel and Motel Rooms

With the high expectations of your guests checking in, and the odors left behind by those checking out, it’s a scramble to keep your hotel and motel rooms smelling as clean as they really are. Use PureAyre. PureAyre is such a powerful odor eliminator, it even lets you reclaim your smoking rooms!

Convert Hotel Smoking Rooms to Non-Smoking

Today’s health-conscious consumer is less likely to be a smoking guest than in years past. So many hotels and motels are faced with rooms they can’t sell when non-smokers check in. Cigarette odors in smoking rooms can be so offensive, even smokers don’t want to stay in them!


Until now, hotels were stuck with those rooms. Thorough cleanings won’t eliminate smoke odors. Air, fabric and carpet "fresheners" only hide the smell and never get rid of it. Plus, the chemicals in such fresheners can be dangerous for guests and staff with respiratory problems or asthma.


Rather than lose out on revenue with an empty room, hotels can now convert smoking rooms to non-smoking with PureAyre…without the dangers of ozone generators or synthetic fragrances. PureAyre is powerful enough to wipe out all those stale cigarette smoke odors, so you can convert hotel smoking rooms to non-smoking. Yet it’s safe enough that the health of your staff and guests is assured.


If you’d like to convert a smoking room into non-smoking with very little investment, read a case study about eliminating odors from two rooms that had been smoked in for 14 years!


Housekeeping Can Eliminate Odors

PureAyre rescues non-smoking rooms too. As you well know, some people smoke in non-smoking rooms, and even if they step out onto a patio to light up, the smell drifts inside. Then you’re stuck with a non-smoking room…that smells like smoke.


PureAyre is also useful for housekeeping purposes and general deodorizing in hotels and motels. PureAyre eliminates the smell of mold and mildew, as well as vomit, beer and other unpleasant odors your guests might leave behind, including TMAU odors (body odor disease). Bathrooms smell cleaner too, making a better impression on your finicky guests. After all, if it doesn’t smell clean, they’ll doubt it really is clean.


And if your motel, inn or bed and breakfast allows pets, you’re sometimes left with odors or accidents when your four-legged guests check out. Keep both your people and pet guests happy by using PureAyre to eliminate pet odors.

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