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Material Safety Data Sheet for PureAyre Odor Eliminator Read our MSDS and discover just how safe PureAyre really is! No other product is as safe as PureAyre, yet PureAyre really works! PureAyre™ Odor Eliminator MSDS Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) Text format (.txt) Search for MSDS information on your own at



Carl Dirks works for a 30-year-old nonprofit foundation that introduces inner cities kids to marine studies. The foundation is a national program, sponsoring thousands of kids each year. To raise money so it can offer the program to disadvantaged youth at no charge, the foundation sells donated boats.   The foundation only accepts boats in […]


Amazing Pet Story

Salvaging a Former Pet Store Meant Getting Rid of Stink When the Burien Pet Center went bankrupt after 30 years in business, they left the city of Burien with an old building that smelled like 30 years of cats, and not the best part of cats.   The city bought the 56-year-old building just to […]


Pet Odors

Eliminate Pet Odors So You Can Enjoy Your Pets and Your Home Pets are wonderful companions to live with. Yet they get skunked, they poop and pee and produce all kinds of odors we can live without. If you’re a pet owner, PureAyre is your lifesaver for pet odors and stains. It’s the safest and […]


Compare Effectiveness of Odor Eliminators

  See how well popular odor eliminators (PureAyre, electric air cleaners, Ozium, Ozone, Lysol, Oust, Citrus and candles) eliminate pet, urine, bathroom, cooking, cigarette, cigar and other smoke odors from air, fabrics, carpets and other surfaces. Check out the safety ratings, too. Many products are not safe to use near food, pets and children.   […]