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The home remedies got "skunked": tomato juice didn’t work. Beer was busted. Douche (vinegar and water) was busted. The hydrogen peroxide formula was partially confirmed,
BUT cannot be used around eyes nor in the nose and mouth.
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The big problem is that when your pet gets sprayed by a skunk they usually get the most spray right in their face. And, if you can’t eliminate the odor in their nose, ears, mouth and around the eyes then you haven’t eliminated all the sources of the skunk odor. Also, when your pet gets skunked they aren’t the only ones that suffer. Skunk odor gets on you, in your car, in your house, and on your furniture, and their pet beds. You need PureAyre to eliminate skunk odor on your pet, on you, and everywhere else!


Guaranteed to work on skunk odor AND food-grade safe, PureAyre® is the only solution to fully eliminate skunk odor problems. PureAyre is food-grade safe – meaning it is only made with food grade ingredients; it is so safe you can spray it directly into your pets nostrils, ears, and mouth. You can also gently spray it around eyes and onto a cloth or cotton ball and wipe PureAyre all around their eyes. Other skunk odor products contain a large percentage of alcohol, other chemicals, and Cautions and Warnings that can harm your pet.  Not PureAyre. You can read our ingredients right on our label. Or check out our MSD safety sheet MSDS.  PureAyre is safe even when your pet grooms himself after cleaning.


Also, PureAyre is so versatile – it can be sprayed into your car, home, crawl space or basement, shop, or office to rid everything and everywhere of skunk odors. Whether on your pet or in your home or office – PureAyre eliminates skunk odors. Read what happened when a suburban home-office got skunked.


How Does PureAyre Eliminate Skunk Odors?

Skunk odor is made of sulfur-containing compounds called mercaptans. These mercaptans are called thiols because they have a sulfur-hydrogen radical attached to a CH2 complex and are VERY stinky. PureAyre contains powerful enzyme catalysts that specifically break the sulfur-CH2 bond. Once that chemical bond is broken the odor disappears and cannot return!


PureAyre Skunk Odor Removal Method for Pets

Use PureAyre in a two step process to remove skunk odors from your pet, you and everything your pet came into contact with. First, immediately spray your pet, the air, and any affected materials or surfaces with PureAyre directly from the bottle. This will relieve your pet and yourself of a large amount of the odors. Spray and brush PureAyre into their coat and into mouth, ears, nostrils, and gently around eyes. Rub PureAyre deep into affected areas. Spray PureAyre into the air, onto car seats and other fabrics, onto yourself and your clothes! Second, make a warm bath with your favorite pet shampoo (or any other safe liquid soap or detergent) and at least one cup of PureAyre. Stronger concentrations of odors may require more PureAyre. PureAyre works synergistically with soap to dissolve the skunk spray oils so that PureAyre can get to the hair and skin affected by the skunk odors. You can also use PureAyre in your wash and carpet cleaning machines.


Customer Experience: A Jog, My Dog, and a Skunk!

I was jogging recently along a path near a wooded area in San Francisco. My lab retriever, Georgia, got a wiff of something and bolted into the brush. I called for her and heard a wimper and smell of skunk before seeing her stumble back to the path. OMG, what an awful smell. I put her on the leash and went running back to the car past frowning joggers. I headed to the nearest drug store. They didn’t have any skunk odor removal products but I was told to try tomato juice and douche. I was stinking up the whole store! By the time I got home my car was rank. I had to keep the windows open and hold my head out for fresh air. I soon learned that heavy cleaning, tomato juice, and douche did no good. The cleaning helped a little but after three heavy duty washings there was still a strong skunk smell. And, my house now smelled of skunk. I’m glad I found PureAyre online and that I could get it at a local Whole Foods! I followed the directions and got the skunk odor off Georgia. It was really nice that I could spray it directly into her mouth. And, I used it in my car and in my house. What a relief. I’ve been telling all of my friends about this now funny story. Thanks!
Kara, San Francisco

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