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Eliminate Boat Odors With PureAyre Marine Formula

As pleasant as your yacht can be, let’s face it: Boats have embarrassing odors. Diesel, bilge, mildew, heads and more can reduce a glamorous vessel into a boat no one wants to board.

Before now, your choices for dealing with the stink were dangerous chemical products, investing in an air purifier, or paying for a pricey detailing. And while cleaning, filtering and detailing can help for a while, smells come back because you didn’t eliminate the source of the odor. A yacht can look great and smell awful.


Now you can save money on detailing and get rid of all those chemical-based cleaning products that only do a partial job. You can eliminate boat odors with just one product. It’s fast, it’s safe and it really works. It’s PureAyre Marine Formula.


Safely Eliminate Boat Odors

PureAyre Marine Formula is the only product you need to safely and permanently eliminate boat odors. PureAyre Marine Formula breaks down the source of the odors, saving you time and money spent on products and detailing, and protecting your lungs from dangerous fumes. Use PureAyre Marine Formula to get rid of frustrating boat smells like:


  • Bilge
  • Cooking odors
  • Diesel fuel
  • Fish
  • Heads
  • Wastewater
  • Holding tank odors
  • Pet accidents
  • Cigarette and cigar smoke


PureAyre Marine Formula works in three ways to help you prevent and eliminate boat odors. Keep it handy in the head and galley for intermittent use. Use it for permanent odor removal in the air and on curtains, carpets, cushions and other absorbent surfaces. And find fuel or other leaks by getting rid of the surrounding smells so you can isolate the source of an odor.


When you’re selling a boat, PureAyre Marine Formula helps you eliminate boat odors for a higher price and a faster sale: Potential buyers can enjoy picturing themselves as the owner of your yacht without being distracted by the odors. PureAyre Marine Formula is also useful as a diagnostic tool for isolating and identifying the source of odors, so you can fix problems before selling your boat.


When Cleaning is Not Enough

Cleaning and detailing keep your boat ship shape in appearance. But for a clean smell, you’ve got to eliminate the source of odors too. PureAyre Marine Formula is your passport to a boat that smells as clean as it looks.


The Nose Knows

One complication from boat odors: It can be hard to track down the source of a nasty smell when your yacht has several odors competing for your nasal notice. With PureAyre Marine Formula, you can eliminate the everyday odors to isolate the source of a serious and persistent problem, like a fuel or holding tank leak.


We are your boat odor experts. If you have a boat odor problem you can’t solve, contact us. We can help you with boat odor prevention, elimination and even diagnostic issues. For proof of the power of PureAyre Marine Formula, read our case study about the rescue of a party boat.

It works on deteriorating fish, bilge, diesel, head and other unwelcome boat odors.
––R and Associates Marine Appraisers, Santa Cruz, CA

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