The All Natural Odor Eliminator Spray


PureAyre is Easy to Use

As soon as PureAyre comes into direct contact the source of the odor, the odor is gone forever. PureAyre works immediately – you don’t have to wait for it to soak in and then dry. And, because PureAyre breaks apart the molecular compounds causing the odors, it eliminates the odors permanently.

PureAyre works in the air and on surfaces. You can apply PureAyre in whatever manner is most effective for your problem.

  • Spraying: PureAyre’s pistol-grip spray bottle has a specialized spray nozzle for a super fine mist that improves the ability of PureAyre to contact molecules.
  • Fogging larger rooms and into HVAC systems
  • Using a syringe to inject PureAyre into carpet padding, furniture cushions and car seats
  • Mopping onto porous surfaces like concrete and wood
  • Vaporizing using micro-droplets
  • Soaking in a bath to remove skunk odors from pets


Step-By-Step Instructions

Contact us for specific recommendations for commercial situations.

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