The All Natural Odor Eliminator Spray

Law Enforcement

Eliminate Odors in Patrol Cars, Jails and Prisons

Law enforcement can be a stinky job. But now you can arrest those odors with PureAyre!

PureAyre is a risk-free solution to the odor problems of law enforcement, jails and prisons, where the safety of inmates and staff is paramount. PureAyre is an all natural odor eliminator that is both safe and powerful. And because it’s all natural, it can be used in situations where other products can’t.


Unfortunately, bad odors are part of the work day for police officers. Suspects are often drunk, dirty or throwing up. They’re put into the back of the patrol car, and officers are cooped up in that confined space with the obnoxious odors, even after the suspect is out of the car. Then the jails get the smell. Property rooms hold dirty clothes, and concrete cells absorb the odors so that even after a suspect is moved, the offensive scent lingers. In prisons, odors are a problem in small cells where inmates share a toilet, in kitchen areas, and with certain industries.


Now everyone can breathe easier with PureAyre. PureAyre is the safest and most effective way to permanently eliminate odors in patrol cars, jails and prisons. It’s safe to the eyes and to the digestive system because it’s all natural. PureAyre is the most powerful odor eliminator on the market because it’s formulated to break apart the bonds of molecules that cause odors to permanently eliminate them, not cover them up.


Officers and Others in Law Enforcement Can Use PureAyre:


  • Directly on suspects and inmates
  • On the back seats and floors of patrol cars
  • In waiting areas, property rooms and holding cells
  • In medical areas where people detox


Because PureAyre is all natural, even K-9 units can use it without impacting their dogs’ sense of smell!

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