The All Natural Odor Eliminator Spray

How to Use Around the House

Because PureAyre works on contact with odor-causing compounds to permanently get rid of the odors, we’ve written this handy tip sheet to help you get the best results. If you’re odor problem is from pets, see the instructions for eliminating pet urine odors from carpets, floors, furniture, clothing and bedding.

PureAyre works best on dry surfaces. In general, use the SPRAY setting for air and fabrics. Use the STREAM setting to penetrate deep down into crevices, upholstery, carpets or pads, but do not pour PureAyre onto a surface. For delicate surfaces and fabrics, we recommend testing an inconspicuous spot first. For general purpose odor elimination in the home such as described here, we recommend the 14- and 22-ounce PureAyre sizes. For travel and convenience, try the 4-ounce size.


Eliminating Odors From the Air

You can remove air odors easily and as often as needed because PureAyre is all natural and therefore completely safe. In fact, it’s food-grade so it can even be used in the kitchen and sprayed around food. No other odor eliminator can make that claim! With the nozzle set on SPRAY, spray PureAyre liberally into the air wherever you want to get rid of airborne odors. Remember that PureAyre removes the odors in the air, but if you don’t eliminate the source of those odors (like the burned pizza still in the oven!), the smells will return.


Eliminating Odors From Carpets

Eliminate smoke odors, pet odors and general musty smells from carpets without the use of unsafe chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Use 12 ounces of PureAyre per gallon of water with the recommended soap in a carpet-cleaning machine to clean and deodorize your carpet in one step. You can also freshen your carpets with PureAyre by spraying it directly onto the carpets and then vacuuming.


Eliminating Odors From Fabrics

Use at least 4 ounces of PureAyre per load of laundry to deodorize fabrics such as curtains and towels. Use more PureAyre for heavy odor problems. The amount of PureAyre needed depends upon the type and amount of odor present. You can’t overuse PureAyre. It’s all natural and it will not damage fabrics or clothing.


Eliminating Odors From Furniture

For hard finished surfaces, spray PureAyre directly onto furniture and rub onto the surface for a few seconds. Then wipe dry with a clean cotton cloth. For porous finishes like unfinished wood or unfinished surfaces of particle board or hardboard, spray a light coating of PureAyre directly onto surfaces. Wait a few seconds for PureAyre to penetrate, then wipe off any excess liquid. Allow the surfaces to dry completely before using the furniture. PureAyre also eliminates the formaldehyde and other dangerous fumes emitted by new furniture. Use liberally in the air and directly on the furniture.


Other Uses for PureAyre

PureAyre is the safest and most effective way to eliminate odors in your home, and it’s handy for other uses too:


  • At work
  • On your boat
  • In your car
  • In the garage
  • In dorm rooms and apartments
  • On sports equipment and in lockers
  • On your clothes
  • You can even spray PureAyre directly onto pets, especially pets that have met up with a skunk or rolled in something smelly!


When you’re traveling, use the convenient 4-ounce size in rental cars, hotels and public restrooms. And definitely take a bottle camping for relief in the outhouse!

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