The All Natural Odor Eliminator Spray

How It Works

PureAyre Odor Eliminator is Both Strong and Safe.
Here’s How…

PureAyre is a natural yet powerful product made possible through the science of biotechnology. Bringing together science and nature means we can offer you a product that truly is both strong and safe.

PureAyre is composed of plant-derived enzymes, purified water and essential oils. It is the first and only food-grade odor eliminator. That’s why it’s safe. And PureAyre is the only product with enzymes specifically targeted to break the bonds of all odor-causing compounds found in nature. That’s why it’s strong.


You have a lot of odor eliminators to choose from, and some of them work on some odors. But only PureAyre works on all organic odors. Only PureAyre uses the right enzymes in the right amounts to be this effective and strong. And only PureAyre is bottled without using any alcohol or hazardous chemicals as stabilizers. No other odor eliminator can make these claims. That’s why other odor eliminators are only partially successful…if they work at all.


PureAyre Eliminates Every Odor

Your nose knows: There are hundreds of odors in nature that tell us when something is wrong. The interesting science behind this is that there are only a few groups of compounds that are the cause of all these odors, including petroleum products (like gasoline and diesel), sulfides (like rotten eggs and skunk), ammonia (like urine) and aldehydes (like formaldehyde, a known carcinogen).


The enzymes in PureAyre cleave the bonds of the molecules that make up these odor-causing compounds. And PureAyre is the only product that contains all the enzymes needed in a high enough concentration to do the job. As a result, PureAyre literally cleans the air and permanently gets rid of the source of odors leaving you with pure air.


PureAyre is the Versatile Odor Eliminator

PureAyre can be sprayed, poured, injected and fogged to turn odors into non-toxic, innocuous compounds. Get detailed instructions.


Put PureAyre to work, and odors don’t stand a chance!

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